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Marten Bos
Bolsward, Friesland (Netherlands) (1955)

Marten Bos is a connector, trainer, public speaker and writer.
He has been working in health care, in education and in (not for) profit business.
Self-employed since 1999.

His experience in diversity/intersectionality extends from working with self-key organizations of migrants, banking, national police, (bicultural)LGBTI, refugees, border group of young people, prison, people with disabilities, public transport company, education and working with governments and in local communities.

Working as an individual and team / organizational coach and trainer.

Train the trainer in the field of diversity / inclusion / intersectionality

Public and motivational speaker on themes of intersectionality,

Working with the positive power of masculinity

Working with fear related issues, etc.

Supervisor and training for supervisors and therapists.

Initiated community work: diversity in neighbourhoods and also in the LGBTI community

stand met kaarten

The question that motivates me to work with this knowledge:
“How can we use our personal and collective skills, our diversity and passion, our experience in the here and now?” In this i work with the awareness of our differences in: positions, background, privileges, goals and ambition?

“How can we become more capable of using our combined knowledge in a healthy and effective way in order tot support our personal, social and professional life, our teams, our relations, our company?”

In my vision we are all unique different human beings, diversity is inside and outside all of us. There are differences in the position though, some elements of diversity (ethnical, religious, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.) are more dominant, more appreciated than others. So, we need to pay attention on how being aware and be able to deal with that. How to use this diversity in our personal, relational and professional social contexts?

I like to coach and advice my clients (organizations, teams, governmental) how to work with this unique internal powerful diversity. Exploring the internal and external diversity gives us all the possibility to get more ownership and take leadership and work on inclusion. Good ownership gives us the direction to healthy ways of personal leadership. In this we need real acceptance and appreciation of who we are, awareness about our reality in the here and now.
The here and now is the only start for a change for the future interconnected with past and future and the world in which we live. 
This Gestalt theory is my basic theory: the dialogue, the field(system) theory and the energy of contact. Combined with Systemic work and knowledge about consequences of Intersectionality, makes working with diversity and inclusion possible.

dare to be diff


The Diversity Cards are a result of working in the field of diversity for over 30 years as trainer, coach, consultant, activist, volunteer, therapist, etc.

The 19 cards, 18 represent themes that i came along during my work as ebing important in defining ourselves as layers of our identities.
The cards have an A3 size to work experiential en systemic and are finished in washable laminate.
Available to order send email .(JavaScript moet ingeschakeld zijn om dit e-mail adres te bekijken) the set of cards is 50 euro

Div cards english

The methodology and content are developed from a practice of working over 30 years in the field of diversity / intercultural communication/ intersectionality.

The cards can be used for training, team - and individual coaching sessions, in organizational consulting and individual work.

• The substantive inspiration is the theory of Kimberle Crenshaw / Gloria Wekker a.o. on ‘Intersectionality’.
• The basic theory of teaching methods is inspired by Gestalt and Systemic work .

Workshops can be offered ‘open enrollment’ or ‘in-company’.
For information about the cards and workshops:
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Review of working with the cards by a trainer: “I wanted to let you know that the Diversity Cards worked very well indeed with the group I facilitated; indeed they were the highlight of the six week programme!  There were participants from Sudan, Indonesia, Guinea-Bissau, Poland, S. Africa, and Bangladesh; because the cards opened up the possibility for each person to talk about themselves from a position of their own choice, it created a lively and egalitarian atmosphere on the first day, for which I was happy. Also, everyone enjoyed translating the words into their mother tongue!”

Training on demand for teams, conferences, organisations also in English ‘Training with Diversity Cards’

Training experience:
For a variety of companies, commercial and non commercial, governmental, schools, etc.
Themes: personal development for professionals and managers, intercultural management, working with intersectionality (included LGBTI issues / gender and sexualdiversity) in education and in sociale work.
Train the trainers, therapists, coaches.
Coping (work related, domestic, sexual, relational) violence, aggression at work.
Training and supervising (gestalt)therapists in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Bulgaria.

- Organizations and schools in developing of (train the) trainings programs. (Including Diversity and other issues).
- Projects in the field of diversity for organizations, schools and local government.
- Writers for their books and essays on themes of sexual and cultural diversity.

Dialogue projects as trainer, counselor and consultant. Themes as: Sexual and Gender Diversity, LGBTI issues and the multicultural city of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and a National Dialogue between Refugees and Dutch organizations.

I stopped doing personal individual counseling in 2019!
I am trained in (Gestalt therapy) on the Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt (NSG) based on Gestalt therapy.
Subjects i specialized in were: dealing with sexual abuse in the past (for men), dealing with fear related problems, low self-confidence, dealing with traumatic experiences in the past, questions about sexual identities (LGBTI), dealing with different cultural backgrounds in the Netherlands, etc.

I am Supervisor for the LVSC (Landelijke Vereniging voor Supervisie en Coaching) and the NVAGT (Nederlands Vlaamse Associatie Gestalt Therapie).

My background:
Social worker, started in 1978 and been working in this field until 1991.
My clients were: (young) immigrants, people with physical and/or mental disabilities, people with drugs addiction, juvenile delinquents, etc.)
From 1991 until 1999 I worked as (senior) trainer at the national refugee organization: VluchtelingenWerk.

In 1999 I started my own ‘one man company’. ‘Marten Bos, The Power of Differences’
I am working for a variety of companies, organizations, schools, governmental organizations and also for individual clients.

Master of Science in Gestalt therapy, Middlesex University England       2007
Systemic work/ Family constelations                           2010
V.O. Supervision en Consultation Hogeschool van Amsterdam             1992-1993
(Registration: supervisor by the LVSB S10760 H, senior supervisor LS1157H, teacher supervisors))
Bachelor (HBO) Academy Educational and Social Work ‘Jelburg’ te Baarn     1974–1978